Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Performance Drivers Education HPDE?
HPDE is a high performance instructional day where participants drive their own vehicles on a race track with an instructor present in the vehicle. Driving techniques are taught to make the driver safer and more aware of their environment. Ex: look way ahead and be mentally prepared, the proper line through a turn, proper heel- toe shifting etc. Once a participant has enough track experience, they may receive a sign off from an instructor and be allowed to drive solo.

Doesn’t my own automobile coverage protect my car during an HPDE event?
Most personal automobile insurance companies have broadened their language to Exclude “track events”, “high performance events or schools”, “HPDE type events, off road” etc. .

Is my car eligible for coverage under this policy?
We can insure both street and race cars during HPDE events only.

Can I cancel my policy before the event date?
Yes, cancellations online prior to 12:01 AM the morning of the event will receive a full refund less the processing fee or full credit for your next event. Cancellations after that time will require proof from the organizer that your vehicle was not present at the track site and did not enter any part of the grounds. If this was met, you will receive a refund less the processing fee. Should the event be cancelled by organizer, you will receive a full refund including the processing fee.

Will my vehicle be covered if the instructor drives my car?
Yes, the instructor is automatically included and does not need to be listed on the policy.

Can I have a co-driver under this policy?
One additional person can be included if they are listed on the approved application.

How do I pay?
Online using a major credit card or by mail with a check.

What if my event is not listed?
Please give us the HPDE event organizers name, phone number, date and track name. Once approved the event will be added immediately. Private track days can be considered.